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Choose an Agent

Selling property is not just a matter of “loading the home on the internet”. Remember for most people, your home is your biggest asset! To get top dollar and know that you are in the very best hands you need to do some homework on choosing an estate agent.

Choose an agent who you are comfortable with and who you believe will achieve the best sale price for you. Check that your agent is an experienced estate agent with good qualifications and knowledge of the local market.

You should look at two or three agencies and compare what they have to offer. Commission is a factor when you are selling or leasing your property, but don’t go for the cheapest commissions, if the agent can’t negotiate their own commission, how well will they negotiate the sale price for your home. Remember, this is likely to be the biggest asset you will ever own, don’t take shortcuts.

Some agencies pride themselves on selling the largest number of homes in a certain area, but this can result in an agent putting pressure on a client to reduce their house price or accept a low offer. Selling a home can be stressful enough without your agent adding stress to the process. Remember biggest is not always best!